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Website design For An Excellent User Experience.

Website design is a great way to generate buzz for your business. Moreover, depending on the type of business, a website can make or break your company’s brand. Below are some of the websites I currently oversee, or have overseen. Click on the image for live site.

Venice Lofts.JPG
Lakeside Villas.JPG
Apex Hudson Riverfront.JPG
111 Kent.JPG
Alara Uptown 1.JPG
Energy Center Houston.JPG
Waterfront Place YB.JPG
Weston Lakes Plaza.JPG
Pasadena Plaza.JPG

Your website should provide a user-friendly and intuitive environment (in both desktop design and mobile) where people can find important information and take action.  That action can consist of a purchase and/or inquiry to learn more about your business.   Web developers should place priority on design, navigation, brand, and content.

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