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I’m a Cali girl, but still a proud Texas native. I was born, raised, and begin my career in the Lone Star State. After college graduation, I spent eight years as a television news journalist, reporting and anchoring the news in Texas, Nevada, and California. I spend a lot of my time doing digital marketing now, but still love TV. I also love how my career has evolved and I think it has stayed relevant too. After all, we’re talking the digital online world, which encompasses people, creativity, video, and technology. 

3, 2, 1...

As a young reporter just starting out in television news, living and working in Waco was fun, different, and did not come with a lack “hard hitting” news. Waco was minutes away from Fort Hood and President Bush’s Crawford ranch. I covered historic summits including visits from Russian President Vladmir Putin, Vice President Dick Cheney’s Address to Fort Hood troops, and President Bush's Economic Forum at Baylor University.

Give Me The Mic!

Over the years, I’ve done sit down interviews with movie stars, such as John Travolta, Hugh Grant, Chris Rock, and fellow Texan Dennis Quaid. In Houston, I covered Super Bowl 38, the Clara Harris trial, various Enron hearings, and the Space Shuttle Columbia disaster. In Las Vegas, I worked as both a night-side Reporter and Helicopter Reporter. Reporting from the Action News Hawk while hovering over the dazzling Las Vegas skyline was quite a high, though there was no air conditioning in the chopper!

Today, it's my job to keep up with the latest digital online trends. While the first eight years of my career had been in TV, the last eight have been in digital.  (See Resume Here.)




In my spare time, I’m always looking for new ways to express myself and help like-minded people achieve their artistic goals. So much so, that I produced a short film called "Chucked" directed by Jared Nelson. It’s about a book return stand shaped like a robot that falls in love with a human girl. Chucked was hand-picked by Hollywood director Ron Howard as one of the top 5 short films of the Project Imagination Film Contest sponsored by Cannon. (See Film Here.) To learn about other passion projects, click here!

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